Glenwood CLT Parking Garage Featured in DJC Oregon

April 12, 2017

The Glenwood CLT Parking Garage was featured in the Oregon DJC.

Plans call for the structure, dubbed the Glenwood Garage, to stand four stories and hold as many as 360 motor vehicles. City officials hope that the high-profile structure will boost the image of CLT as a viable alternative to traditional building materials. That could boost the economies of Oregon communities where substantial timber is grown and harvested.

This is pretty unusual. We are aware of one that is being designed in Switzerland, and others are being talked about.

Kent Duffy, SRG Partnership Principal

The project is expected to complement 50 acres of planned development, including a hotel, retail space and a mix of affordable and market-rate housing. The garage would serve as an example of CLT’s potential.

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