Shriners Hospitals for Children Medical Center in Lexington featured on Polyvision

August 10, 2017

Our new Shriners Hospitals for Children Medical Center in Lexington was featured on Polyvision, highlighting the use of large-scale environmental graphics to create a welcoming, healing environment.

Hope and Healing

The mission of Shriners Hospitals for Children is that all care and services are provided in a family-centered environment. The new Lexington Shriners Medical Center is no exception. Any fears or anxieties that the children might have when they enter the center are met by a soothing 40-foot-long, 7-foot-tall photographic landscape of the Appalachian Mountains in Virginia. Mounted on a sweeping canvas, the photo features verdant hills in the foreground meeting blue ridges in the background. Graphic illustrations are superimposed onto the landscape: a yellow sunrise with rays, pale-blue clouds, and blush-toned birds. They’re placed there like a wink to the young patients, saying, “This is a safe place.”

We knew that we wanted to have graphics, art, and engaging pieces in all of the patient-care zones. We always want to make sure that we have things interesting for the kids and families.

Jessica Mistretta, SRG Senior Associate

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