Jeff Yrazabal


Jeff is the firm's President. How does he approach this role? For seventeen years Jeff has worked to make communities stronger with architecture. Whether it’s engaging community leaders in design charrettes or bringing together diverse thinkers to solve complex client problems, Jeff believes good design starts with people. At SRG, Jeff shapes our design culture through his leadership of cross-office initiatives that focus on elevating every level of our practice. Knowing that the best ideas happen when we work together, he creates unique opportunities for collaboration at the seams. But, he doesn’t stop there. Jeff’s greatest asset is his ability to lead a team to achieve results they never dreamed possible. Since Jeff joined SRG in 2005 he has worked on a diversity of projects, including Washington State University Veterinary Biomedical Research Building, Spokane Falls Community College Science Building, University of Oregon Integrative Sciences Complex Phase 1, Jane Sanders Stadium, Oregon State University Johnson Hall, and Hillsboro Ballpark. His work for both SRG and the broader community focuses on excellence in design, positive change and fostering strategic partnerships that will serve the built and natural environment for years to come. Jeff holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Washington State University.