Mission and Values

SRG’s mission is to consistently and increasingly provide our colleagues, clients and community with a truly elevated experience.

We provide an elevated experience to our COLLEAGUES by valuing their time, opinions and contributions. By spending just a little more time preparing for meetings to make them more provocative, engaging and inspiring. By maintaining a culture of curiosity, and staying humble and open. By sharing new trends or movements in design with one another. By pushing ourselves to do the best work of our career—on every project.

We provide an elevated experience to our CLIENTS by valuing their time, opinions and ideas. By preparing important questions in advance, and being thorough and rigorous in our inquiry. By constantly looking for ways to perfect and improve upon our processes. By under-promising and over-delivering. By creating thoughtful, inspiring buildings that do exactly what our clients expect them to, and considerably more.

We provide an elevated experience for our COMMUNITY, first by building beautiful, transcendent public spaces that Everyone can interact with and enjoy. By bringing our design thinking to issues facing our community. By educating the general population about the value of great design. By volunteering our resources selectively for maximum impact.