Museum of Flight

T. Evans Wyckoff Memorial Bridge

In order to provide access to additional exhibit space for the Museum of Flight on the opposite side of a busy traffic arterial, SRG designed a pedestrian bridge consistent with the Museum experience. Inspired by the phenomenon of a contrail, a stream of crystallized vapor created in a plane’s wake, the bridge features an unusual tube truss design made of crossing steel pipe sections surrounding an inner glass enclosure. The elliptical cross section swells slightly in the center to heighten the sense of movement, while its soaring shape provides a memorable civic landmark that celebrates flight and the local aviation industry.

Photo credits: Lara Swimmer Photography

“This structure is as beautiful as it is functional and will surely take its place as one of the most innovative architectural landmarks in Seattle.”

Christine O. Gregoire, Governor of Washington

  • American Institute of Steel
    Construction Ideas2 Award, 2009
  • International Bridge Conference
    Arthur G. Hayden Medal, 2009
  • AIA Washington Council
    Civic Design Citation Award, 2008