Urban Design

SRG brings an urban sensibility to its projects that takes context into consideration for creating places in which people can gather and engage. Our approach is to look beyond singular buildings as objects, but rather to see how a new structure may contribute to creating an inviting and sustainable place that both responds and contributes to its surroundings. Whether producing master plans or building designs, we look to establishing visual, sensory and functional relationships between people and their environment that create a sense of well-being. We seek to create logic and cohesion in physical form, respecting the features that give character to the city and its neighborhoods and are inseparable from its economic and social vitality.

Our designs strive to respond to residents’ needs and a community’s vision, resulting in pleasing physical relationships that fit together with scale and interest without jarring contrasts, and offering workable solutions within existing contexts. Our plans provide a structure and context for public decision-making and private investment, promoting efficient expenditures and individual actions that contribute to the whole.