Innovation Happens Together

As design professionals, we have seen a shift in how we deliver our work towards collaborative delivery models. The stark lines between designer, builder, and client have begun to blur, allowing projects to leverage the power of a truly integrated team built on trust. SRG views each project as an opportunity to iterate our trust-based culture of collaboration—and in doing so, we design a better building at reduced costs for our clients.


The Benefits of Collaborative Delivery

The Risks and Rewards of Integrated Project Delivery

From integrated project delivery and design-build to tri-party agreements, we continue to break down traditional team barriers as forward-thinking clients and partners embrace collaborative delivery models. This white paper outlines the great advantages of collaborative delivery and offers strategies for mitigating its inherent risks, reducing waste, and optimizing productivity on projects.

Building a High‑Functioning Team

Knight Cancer Research Building

Meaningful collaboration is key to innovation. For the Knight Cancer Research Building project, delivered via Integrated Project Delivery, the team began by establishing a culture of trust through bonding activities including a StrengthsFinder workshop and an extracurricular Hood-to-Coast relay team. These activities demonstrate that a transparent and collaborative project team working towards a common goal can accomplish anything—like delivering a LEED Platinum research building on-time and on-budget. The project team even set a standard for future research teams. In the words of Brian Druker, Director of the Knight Cancer Institute, “All of this has been made possible due to the culture of teamwork at SRG and we are learning from them how to build a high-functioning team.”

Increasing Efficiency to Achieve the Highest Value

Integrated Project Delivery: Perspectives and Lessons Learned

In an effort to review where the industry has been and where it is heading, this white paper shares perspectives and lessons we have learned on four of SRG’s IPD projects, including how to set up the project for success, the processes for forming and managing an efficient team, and the tools available to support the process.