Architect RA, LEED AP

Harley Cowan

Favorite book

Any one of the twenty volumes of Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey‑Maturin roman‑fleuve

Favorite movie

Tom Hanks' 1996 deceptively‑autuerist gem "That Thing You Do!"

Favorite hobby

Large format photography and silver gelatin printing

Favorite place traveled

Vladivostok, Russia

Favorite sports team

Washington State University Cougars

Favorite place to be alone

The darkroom

Favorite concert

Toss up. I saw U2 on the Elevation tour from inside the heart catwalk, on the rail in front of the stage. Got a high five from Edge at the end of the show. Or when I got a ticket the morning of and rode two hours cross‑country in the bed of a Datsun pickup in the rain to see Neil Young at the Gorge Amphitheater. Opening acts were Blind Melon and Pearl Jam.

First job

Making fuel for nuclear reactors

Fun fact

I won an AIA Award for my chicken coop