Redefining Wellness in a Healthy Building

Health and Wellness Facility

Lane Community College

The Health & Wellness building houses allied health programs including nursing, EMT, physical therapy, respiratory care, and therapeutic exercise/rehabilitation.


43,500 sf


Eugene, OR

Year Complete


2011 1st Place, Public Building Category — DJC Oregon TopProjects

The concept of a “healthy building” resonated with the college, and consequently natural lighting and indoor air quality have emerged as areas of emphasis. A two-story slot coined the “lung” runs along an east-west axis between teaching labs and support spaces, bringing daylight into the interior zone and providing for natural ventilation of the spaces. Translucent acrylic panels incorporated into the enclosure of the lung transmit daylight to the interior, and a 140-foot long series of operable windows operated by a single mechanism constitutes the largest installation of its kind.

Computer modeling of the daylighting and CFD analysis of the ventilation provided an empirical basis for the design. This analysis led to the ventilation slot being divided to avoid thermal “interference” between adjoining zones. Monitoring devices for airflow and light levels have been incorporated to allow comparison to the simulation.

Solar hot water heating panels have been incorporated at the roof, and green roofs adjacent to interaction areas in the building provide exterior spaces that are a respite from the technical space. Office areas also incorporate natural ventilation, mass cooling, and ceiling fans to eliminate mechanical cooling. Storm-water is contained onsite, using a system of rain chains and water gardens to demonstrate the path of the water.

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