Serving the Education of Tomorrow's Health Care Professionals

Liberty Hall

Everett Community College

The Nursing and Health Sciences building reflects contemporary perspectives about educational spaces. It supports diverse learning methods and an evolving curriculum through the use of flexible learning spaces that promote classroom, peer-to-peer, and a hands-on style of instruction and learning.


70,000 sf


Everett, WA

Year Complete


The building replaces an outdated facility that could no longer serve the school’s rapidly growing nursing and health sciences programs. The new 70,000 square foot structure is the second building on the new lower campus, and the first building to establish a college presence on Broadway, a primary arterial in Everett. It includes administrative support spaces for the Nursing and Health Sciences Departments, classrooms, health sciences labs, nursing labs, surgical technician labs, medical lab technician lab, a simulation lab, and the Providence Everett Healthcare Clinic. The labs simulate real-world situations, be it a clinical, hospital or surgical context.

The highly sustainable project incorporates both passive and active strategies. Natural ventilation is utilized in public spaces as well as in office and administrative spaces. The building is oriented to maximize the benefits of daylighting; however, the lab and classroom spaces will be heated and cooled with a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) energy saving technology when needed.