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Behind every great design is a whole host of talented and dedicated people that made it happen. We may be building designers and master planners, but people will always be our most valued asset. Ask any SRGer and they will likely tell you that they joined the firm for its people-centered values, its design perspective to enhance and empower communities, and its commitment to designing a better world together.

As an employer of 80+ hardworking professionals, we have the responsibility and privilege of being able to inspire our design thinkers toward growth and innovation in their career path. We take special care to ensure that our staff members are in the role that best suits their skills and ambitions; we provide ample opportunities for mentorship and encourage curiosity, exploration and growth; and we uphold a collaborative, equitable work environment in which we can learn from one another, regardless of role or tenure. We champion our team members toward active involvement and service in the community, the place where we can take our design passion and give it wings far beyond even the realm of our firm’s projects.

We’re looking for both fresh and seasoned design talent to join our energetic and hardworking staff, believing everyone brings value to the table. We invite you in to grow with us, design with us and impact our communities for the better, together.

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