While good design is beautiful, great design has impact. We seek partners, people, and projects whose positive effects reach beyond the building and into our communities. For us, our work isn’t just about architecture—it’s about contributing to broader change and inventing a better future.

Wellness, Performance, Discovery

From designing healthcare and workplaces to sports performance and science facilities, SRG operates at the intersection of wellness, performance, and discovery—three foundational themes that underpin many of our projects. By applying our expertise within these lenses, SRG designs spaces holistically, benefitting our emotional wellness, our physical health, and the way we connect to one another.

Transforming Behavioral Health

Wellness extends beyond the body; mental and behavioral health are critical to holistic wellbeing. Our team of healthcare designers and medical planners have an empathetic approach to designing transformative healthcare facilities that support patient-centered models of care. As a result, our clients have what they need to stand at the frontline and treat patients—in both mind and body—holistically.

Unlocking Decarbonization Strategies

In this era of climate uncertainty, SRG brings creative design solutions to address sustainability challenges—from optimized building siting and efficient systems down to material details. Over the last decade, SRG has been a champion of incorporating mass timber and CLT into our designs. The synergies between mass timber structural systems and best practices of enclosure design yields meaningful decarbonization without sacrificing beauty in the process.

Innovation Happens Together

Partnership is an attitude that shapes everything we do. SRG has been a pioneer in and early advocate of collaborative project delivery models, and we are continually encouraging this shift in industry thinking—not only to create more value for our clients, but also to expand our own thinking. It is important to seek out partnerships that will challenge pattern thinking, facilitate a culture of curiosity, and expand our ideas.