Hi there, we are SRG!

SRG Partnership is an architecture, interiors, and planning practice united by our purpose to invent a better future through design. We envision a future that is more just, equitable, and sustainable, created by and for communities. We are committed to practicing design that will have profound and positive impact beyond its walls and windows.

Making Discoveries

At SRG, design excellence isn’t prescriptive; it is discovered together. Our design process relies on asking good, tough questions and exploring the many ways in which we are interconnected—by who we are and what we do. Together, the places we create are purposefully designed, deeply inventive, and based on the best ideas that come from diverse perspectives.

Our approach looks beyond buildings as isolated, singular objects and uncovers how a structure responds and contributes to its community. By designing buildings that are good neighbors and celebrate their place, culture, and history, our work aspires to build community at a quicker pace than one building at a time.

The Future Happens Together

Partnership is in our DNA—both in name and as an attitude that shapes everything we do. It defines how we engage our clients, how we build our teams, and how we work with each other. We look for teammates—clients, contractors, consultants, and colleagues—who will disrupt pattern thinking and push us to do better. Our penchant for teamwork has set us apart not only in the industry for advancing collaborative delivery models, but also within our communities as investors in its success through meaningful engagement and thoughtful design.



Pioneers, One and All

With studios in Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington, our culture is one of curiosity, driven onward by our Northwestern pioneer roots. As colleagues, we support individual growth and integrity; as designers, we seek unconventional thinking and fresh perspectives; and as SRG, we recognize the power of the collective to inspire change—and then design it.

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On the Shoulders of Giants

SRG was founded in 1972 as the dream firm of three young and ambitious architects—Jon Schleuning, Dave Richen, and Fred Gast—with a vision to affect positive change in the physical and social environment through design. Building on the original mission, SRG leaders over the years steadily grew the practice, seeking meaningful projects with the potential to affect positive change. In 2003, this vision expanded its reach in the Northwest by opening its Seattle studio, and with it SRG elevated its focus on design excellence in a variety of transformational public and private projects that enhance our communities.

Throughout our history, SRG has lived our mission by providing transformational, award-winning design on projects that have had lasting influence for our progressive clients and their communities. From vital planning efforts to research laboratories that facilitate momentous advancements in science and technology; from Pacific Northwest cultural landmarks to community-oriented gathering places; from ambulatory surgery centers, children’s hospitals, and cancer research centers to community college and higher education hubs that develop the next generation of great thinkers and caretakers—our work makes a difference.

While SRG’s practice has evolved profoundly over the last fifty years, it is easy to connect the dots from 1972 to today and witness how we have become who we are: a design practice concerned with leaving the world a better place and inventing a better future together. We are committed to advancing the legacy of those who pioneered before us by generating design ideas that benefit people, our planet, and our future.