Everyone Deserves Great Design

Making Places That Endure

SRG's staff includes interior designers, architects, graphic designers, builders, virtual-reality experts, urban designers, master planners, brand strategists, dreamers, accountants, marketers, human resource professionals and much more. Each of us strives to elevate our fellow human beings through the work we do.

Studio / Methodology

We believe that success is a team effort and our culture at SRG is committed to that premise. By valuing the ideas and contributions of everyone involved in our work, we form a deep collaboration between the members of our teams and our clients, consultants, and construction partners. We understand that encouraging everyone to participate and listening to everyone's voice builds trust and ultimately leads to high performing teams.


Our approach is to look beyond singular buildings as objects and to discover how a structure may contribute to creating an inviting place for people to gather and engage that both responds and contributes to its surroundings. By designing buildings that are good neighbors, our work aspires to build community at a much larger scale than one building at a time. Buildings that are good neighbors celebrate the public realm and the unique history and culture that surrounds them.


We recognize our work not just as buildings, but as ideas inspired by people, and opportunities to create places that endure. Through our discovery-based, collaborative design process this means achieving more with less, acknowledging the long-term impact of short-term decisions, minimizing harmful impacts on nature and our environment, and creating healthy, inspiring spaces for people to live, learn and thrive.

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Design Initiatives

Ensuring high-performance designs require our continuous commitment to ongoing research, fully integrated sustainable strategies, and consistent monitoring of actual performance. We are committed to a high level of accountability – environmentally, economically and socially. We engage owners in an informed decision-making process based on realistic options and holistic life cycle analysis. We consider our collaboration a success when we help our clients achieve more with less.


SRG Partnership, Inc., was founded in 1972 as the dream firm of three young and ambitious architects: Jon Schleuning, Dave Richen and Fred Gast. The three principals began their practice in the basement of the Portland Art Museum, adjacent to the outdoor sculpture court. Their first project was the John’s Landing Master Plan, establishing precedence for SRG’s planning expertise that continues to this day. Within several years, SRG added numerous K-12 public school projects to its portfolio. These projects served to establish a niche in the education market which has today grown to include more than 40 community colleges and public and private universities. In 2002 SRG teamed with Rick Zieve, Dennis Forsyth and Ralph Belton to start the Seattle office, which began with large-scale public projects such as Bellevue City Hall and the Washington State Capitol Building historic restoration. Today SRG is a regional practice with projects across the western United States and beyond.