Inventing a Better Future through Design

August 5, 2022

2022 marks a pivotal milestone for SRG Partnership—we are turning 50! In honor of this anniversary, we are thrilled to announce SRG’s refreshed brand that reflects the ongoing evolution of our firm and our vision to invent a better future through design.

Where SRG Has Been: 50 Years of Legacy 

SRG was founded in 1972 as the dream firm of three young and ambitious architects—Jon Schleuning, Dave Richen, and Fred Gast—with a vision to affect positive change in the physical and social environment through design. While SRG’s practice has evolved profoundly over the last 50 years, it is easy to connect the dots from 1972 to today and witness how we have become who we are: a design practice concerned with leaving the world a better place. As we have continued to grow and embrace change, our refreshed brand identity is representative of our journey.

“This is a symbolic threshold moment for the Firm that represents our future focus and the next chapter of SRG’s great legacy! It’s an exciting time as we set our sights on a bold new path, inspired by a rich history of leadership and design over the last 50 years.”

  • Jeff Yrazabal, SRG President

Where We Are: A Fresh Look on a Familiar Firm 

We engaged Civilization, a design firm out of Seattle, to facilitate our brand refresh. In discussing where SRG has been, where we are, and where we want to go, we recognized our defining core values that have remained to this day: a people-centric and future-focused ideas firm responsive to its sense of place.

Three Brand Pillars: Design, People, Impact 

Three brand pillars foundational to SRG’s identity were derived from our core values:

Design is the essence of our practice. Our design sensibility is not prescriptive—it is discovered through a rigorous and research-based process in union with our partners. Together, we seek to build great places that are inspiring and meaningful to the communities we partner with.

SRG is the sum of its People, and our sense of being, culture, and collaboration grows out of every corner of our studios. As a team of many strategists, innovators, and pioneers, we make work worth doing together.

Impact is SRG’s ultimate aim; the bullseye that informs the how, the what, and the why of our work. Without impact, design is robbed of its meaning; so at SRG, our work isn’t just about architecture—it’s about contributing to broader change and inventing a better future.

A Fresh Logo Mark: Simple, Modular, Expandable 

Our new identity’s logo mark is a kind of monogram—where the S, R, and G of our name is infused with meaning. These letter forms are a modular and adaptable logo mark that symbolize SRG’s foundational brand pillars.

Partnership is not only in our name; it is in our DNA. We intentionally and proudly have formalized a version of our new logo mark to include it as a component of our visual identity. It speaks to who we are, how we work with each other, and why we do what we do.

A Versatile Color Palette: Idealism Meets Materiality

Ink is our new primary color. It is a bold pop of color that represents the simultaneous simplicity and power in ink, design’s most basic and most essential tool. It represents idealism and blue sky thinking combined with the materiality of ink. Secondary colors are earthy, based on nature, and represented in much of our design portfolio. And perhaps most importantly, all of our colors are accessible according to ADA guidelines.

Where We Are Going: The Next 50 Years 

As a future-focused firm, we are always turning our attention forward and playing an active role in the fruition of tomorrow. SRG Partnership’s refreshed look, logo mark, and website is a bold representation of where we are headed as well as an important reminder of our legacy.



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