SRG Promotions

July 21, 2023

Please join us in celebrating our team!

Autri Taheri has been promoted to Senior Graphic Designer. Last year, she was instrumental in the studio’s 50th Anniversary celebration and brand refresh and continues to elevate and refine visual story telling of SRG’s work and values. She loves the rush of leading pursuits and working under deadlines and continually generates polished content for both internal and external audiences. She is a joy to collaborate with, as she listens to ideas while using her creativity to expand and iterate to create visuals that are strategic and elegant.


Bethany Gelbrich has been promoted to Senior Project Manager. She has significant experience in systems development, quality assurance, documentation, and construction administration as well as an enthusiasm for sports projects starting with her work on Jane Sanders Stadium.  Throughout her 22-year career, she has shown continued growth as a leader and positively impacted SRG’s practice and culture. She effectively manages complex projects and does so with warmth and openness to create an environment where everyone feels valued and included. By frequently checking in with the team, maintaining strong lines of communication, and listening and responding to team member needs, she shows her commitment to each person’s experience and growth. Her current projects include OSU Reser Stadium, currently under construction, and Hillsboro Hops Baseball Stadium, currently in design.


Carissa Barry has been promoted to Senior Architect. She brings nearly 20 years of experience with a passion for sports and athletics projects and is currently working on the Hillsboro Hops Baseball Stadium, currently in design. If in passing, someone asks “How are you doing?” Carissa will respond, “Living the dream!” Her enthusiasm infuses her work. In addition to adding joy and levity into meetings with jokes and a whip-sharp sense of humor, she is also great at ensuring things are done correctly, delegating and following up, and her attention to detail and knowledge of idiosyncratic jurisdictions is phenomenal. She’s an open-minded leader who engages the whole team and sets strategic goals that are realistic and prioritize the right objectives.


Emily Wright has been promoted to Senior Interior Designer. When Emily joined SRG 8 years ago, the whole team could see her tremendous talent for design and her strong graphic skills. Over the years, her confidence has grown, and she’s been a key leader on a variety of projects, from smaller tenant improvements to large, complex projects, to imagining and creating custom interior solutions for clients. She has well-rounded skills with technical expertise, an eye for detail, and creative design ideas. Emily is the current president of the IIDA Oregon Chapter, and previously the Vice President of Advocacy. She is passionate about the profession of interior design and advancing licensure for interior designers.


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