Back to Omaha

Baseball Team Building

Washington State University

The reimagined home of Cougar Baseball includes a state-of-the-art team facility offering a wide range of amenities aimed at enhancing student-athlete development and wellbeing. Integrating the coach’s vision and unique team culture, this new facility empowers WSU to consistently recruit top Division I athletes, showcase and build upon WSU’s rich baseball history, and propel the program to new heights as it sets its sights on the road “Back to Omaha.”


12,550 sf


Pullman, WA

Year Complete


Our baseball program is steeped with rich history and tradition. We aspire to bring our beloved program back to the standard set by so many great alumni and coaches. This new facility, combined with head coach Brian Green and our new coaching staff, will give our student‑athletes the tools to create a championship caliber environment. Pat Chun, Athletic Director

Gateway to the Community

One of the primary goals of the project was to create a welcoming front door for WSU Baseball that enhances the gameday experience for the surrounding campus and community. Organized around a busy and highly visible corner, this facility improves flow and access and builds on WSU’s Master Plan as an important visual and pedestrian link for the broader campus context. Gesturing back to the existing Bailey-Brayton Stadium surrounding it, the new building is strategically positioned to offer maximum flexibility for future growth and expansion.

All About Team

The team facility is a celebrated hub where coaches and players come together to develop a stronger team bond and a championship culture. As a natural attraction at the heart of the building, the nutrition area is open to the lounge and meeting room to accommodate different uses and encourage interactions between coaching, staff and student-athletes. Direct views from the front entry through the meeting room reinforce the important connection to Bailey-Brayton Field.

A Holistic Approach to Performance and Wellbeing

Programs included in this new facility combine more traditional team and coaching spaces with cutting-edge, performance-focused amenities geared toward development of the total student-athlete. Some of these amenities include areas for weights, strength/conditioning, recovery, athletic medicine, nutrition, hydrotherapy, and teaching—all under one roof. This results in integrated, holistic environments and amenities for student-athletes that are unparalleled, modeling WSU’s commitment to developing athletes, students and leaders in their communities.