Expanding Veterinary Care at Oregon State University

Lois Bates Acheson Veterinary Teaching Hospital Renovation and Large Animal Clinic Addition

Oregon State University

This addition and renovation of Magruder Hall for the College of Veterinary Medicine has dramatically improved the service capability of the Large Animal Hospital and expanded OSU’s capacity to train the next generation of Veterinarians.


25,000 sf


Corvallis, OR

Year Complete


A Comprehensive Equine Care Facility

The addition focuses on equine care and includes new intake, holding/support spaces, imaging facilities (CT and Scintigraphy), isolation facilities, an equine ICU, a covered open-air exercise and lameness evaluation arena, a treadmill facility, clinical research laboratories, basic research laboratories, and offices/support spaces. The facility includes an equine intensive care unit designed to accommodate the needs of mares with foals and an isolation building for housing animals with communicable diseases.

Integration with the Existing Hospital

The project carefully integrated new, expanded, and renovated facilities into an existing hospital while maintaining all existing functions throughout construction, and preserved several mature white oak trees native to the Willamette Valley ecology.