Planning for the Next Century

Master Plan

Seattle Center

Seattle Center’s Century 21 Master Plan transforms the campus into a primary destination in Seattle by unifying open spaces and connecting the center to the 21st century. The future for Seattle Center is vibrant with activity, flexible to accommodate change, open and welcoming, and sustainable in construction and operations.


74 acres


Seattle, WA

Year Complete


We are the nation's best gathering place. Supported by the people of Seattle, we are home to the finest cultural and educational organizations, sports teams, festivals, community programs, and entertainment facilities. We exist to delight and inspire the human spirit in each person and bring us together as a rich and varied community. Seattle Center's Mission Statement

Continuing a Long‑Term Relationship

SRG’s familiarity with each component of the Seattle Center campus gives them a unique understanding of urban design issues impacting multipurpose public centers, such as evolving infrastructure, landscaping, traffic and pedestrian circulation, surrounding neighborhoods and sustainability goals.

SRG led a large team of design professionals to re-envision the future of the 74-acre Seattle Center campus and remains actively engaged in helping the site continue to develop. This project gave the Center’s programs and functions a new direction and provided strategies for realizing its mission. Gathering the necessary information and building consensus required extensive public outreach and involvement.

Project Goals

  • Sustainable and cost-effective
  • Increase open space
  • Provide capacity for existing and future arts, cultural and recreational programs
  • Increase accessibility to the center of the grounds for all users
  • Encourage greater mass transit use and easier non-motorized connections
  • Improve pedestrian safety