Setting the New Standard in Travel Hospitality

North Satellite Flagship Lounge

Alaska Airlines

The design of the new Alaska Lounge in SEA Airport’s North Satellite sets a new standard of welcoming hospitality for travelers. The open and inviting space presents a distinctively West Coast style of relaxed elegance. Encompassing the full width of the upper level of the expanded North Satellite, the new space takes full advantage of the panoramic views out over the runways to the Olympic Mountains at the horizon. This project was a collaboration between SRG and Graham Baba Architects.


15,800 sf


Seattle, WA

Year Complete


2020 Innovation Awards — Retail Design Institute

2020 Popular Choice Award, Transportation Interiors Category — Architizer A+ Awards

Creating Inviting Spaces

The Alaska Lounge is apportioned to a connected series of distinct areas to provide passengers with a variety of options to retreat from the bustle of the airport. The program and character of these spaces flows from a study initiated by Alaska Airlines that characterized the idea of hospitality in the Lounge using four phrases: Come On In, Take a Breath, Help Yourself and Cut Loose. These phrases, along with a program of explanatory text and imagery, guided the development of the design of the Alaska Lounge.

Come On In

The entry to the Lounge is designed to be open and welcoming. During business hours a large wooden door slides out of the way, fully opening the Lounge to the public space at the upper level of the Satellite. A wooden trellis flows from the Lounge out into the public space, drawing visitors into the area to be greeted by the concierges. Views to and through the lounge space are revealed even at this initial point of entry.

Take a Breath

The western end of the lounge space is designed as a calming place for patrons to withdraw to read or work in private, or a space for quiet small-group conversation. Designed with a variety of soft seating options, carpeted floors and lower ceilings, the space is acoustically absorbent to provide a calming and contemplative environment. A focal piece in this area is a free-standing fireplace. Set in the center of a curving upholstered banquette on a slightly raised platform at the view window, the fireplace offers a cozy place for casual gathering.

Help Yourself

The center of the Lounge offers ample space for open casual dining with a focus on the Bistro, a large island where guests are welcomed and can enjoy a variety of food and beverage options at a generous buffet, including coffee drinks to order. A modern wood and metal screen defines this area and partially encloses the space, forming a high ceiling and partial walls to the east and west. To the south, facing a large window to the concourse below, a large articulated glass wall presents a colorful art piece that recalls the Northern Lights. To the north, the space fronts a tall floor-to-ceiling bay window that places the Lounge’s signature view on full display.

Cut Loose

The last major space of the Lounge centers around a large bar that encourages guests to come together to relax and interact. The bar is built as an island in the round, surrounded by a variety of flexible seating areas that encourage guests to gather in groups of any size. The space includes large communal tables designed to encourage visitors to play games of all sorts. At a corner of the space, an alcove contains an interactive LED light display that encourages guests of all ages to engage and play.