Cutting‑Edge Research and Teaching Laboratories

School of Medicine Research Building 3A

University of California, Davis

Research Building 3A provides the state-of-the-art research, instructional and clinical support facilities for veterinary care. It incorporates open laboratories with shared lab support, instructional laboratories, and many specialized core labs.


158,300 sf


Davis, CA

Year Complete


Creating an Active Open Space

The 3A Building is arranged in two separate wings, which along with the Gladys Valley Hall instructional facility (also completed by SRG) and the existing teaching hospital creates an ensemble of buildings surrounding a redeveloped campus open space. This building complex and open space provides a central focus for the entire Health Sciences District of the campus and created a clear physical identity for the School of Veterinary Medicine.

A Range of Teaching and Research Spaces

This new complex of facilities updates the image of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, providing the latest research, teaching, and clinical facilities for large and small animals. The instructional spaces include classrooms, lecture halls, and anatomy and multipurpose laboratories. Research facilities include orthopedic and general research laboratories. The clinical facilities include necropsy and pathology laboratories along with bio-containment units.

A Complex of Harmonious Buildings

The building design harmoniously blends with the existing campus context of precast concrete and concrete masonry unit exteriors, punched opening windows, and metal panels. The continuity and clarity of interior and exterior circulation are organizing features of the new buildings, creating direct functional links and a sense of place where program, building and site organization are integrated and unified.