A Reflection of Our Collaborative Work Style

SRG Seattle Studio

SRG Partnership

In 2008 SRG’s Seattle office relocated to the third floor of the Poll Building in downtown Seattle, an inspiring environment that embodies our spirit of open collaboration, commitment to smart and sustainable design, and focus on strong civic engagement. Set in the city’s vibrant hub near Pike Place Market and the Metro transit tunnel, the open space features an offset core that facilitates flexible workspace while generous operable windows on three sides allow for abundant natural lighting and ventilation.


Seattle, WA

Year Complete


An Open Workplace

To inspire and further the design process, we removed existing partition walls to create one contiguous, open space as a single room where all staff would work and collaborate. Desk partitions were kept low to foster interaction and allow easy access to natural and indirect light. As a reflection of our collaborative work style, six interactive project pods provide dedicated meeting and display space for active work while also remaining open to the main studio. This fluidity, along with the main space allowing for multiple furniture layouts, ensures that the studio will never need remodeling.

Thoughtful Design Spaces

Complementing the open studio are designated spaces for model-making, private meetings and larger gatherings. On the same floor as the studio, an enclosed shop for making physical models allows architects to support their work through creative space, while containing noise and dust. Two private, acoustically isolated conference rooms lend privacy as needed for meetings or quiet places to work. A large videoconference room reduces travel, supports collaboration between SRG and clients, and is often used as a public meeting and presentation space for the community. A full-height sliding door acts as a partition when the room is in use, but is otherwise kept open to provide a visual connection from the adjacent gallery to the exterior windows.

The gallery serves as an internal exhibit and makerspace. Equipped with CLT tables to display models and materials or to host presentations, this area is distinguished from adjacent project areas by sliding glass doors selected for their projection qualities to support digital and traditional physical media.

A Healthy Environment

Sustainable qualities in tandem with the organization of the space create an uplifting, healthy environment that inspires our work every day. In the main studio, we replaced a functioning but clumsy central HVAC system with direct connections to outside air through the existing operable windows. In lieu of mechanical cooling, the office relies on the air movement of ceiling fans and natural breezes for comfort on hot days; during winter months, perimeter heat warms the space. Natural light easily floods the entire partition-free studio space through generous windows, which also provide sweeping city views. General lighting is kept at low levels and controlled with daylight sensors and time clock controls. Finally, a simple, healthy palette of materials with low toxicity and high recycled content, such as walk-off mat carpet and Masonite, provide the studio with low-maintenance, durable aesthetics that will last for years.