Community Centered Care by Design

November 1, 2023

Skagit County Crisis Stabilization Center

SRG is currently in the design phase for the new Skagit County Crisis Stabilization Center. This project represents a substantial expansion of services for Skagit County and reflects strong collaboration between law enforcement and community service providers. The Center will provide resources for substance abuse, referrals to other care providers, and inpatient support. Individuals receiving inpatient services can expect plenty of natural light and views out as well as access to outdoor space. The design team is taking a modularized approach to design which could be replicated in other communities to provide this very necessary support.

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Pullman Regional Hospital

SRG is collaborating with Design West and hospital leadership to reimagine how Pullman Regional Hospital can provide the best patient and caregiver experiences. This comprehensive evaluation will determine what is truly necessary to ensure this building serves current needs while anticipating future needs. Pullman residents overwhelmingly voted for this improvement, and our team is committed to providing the healthcare access the community needs while being responsible stewards of community resources.

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