Welcome New SRGers!

June 27, 2023

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to the newest members of the SRG Team!

Andrew Sullivan is collaborating with SRG as a BIM Manager and brings nearly a decade of experience in design and BIM Management. His expertise goes beyond managing design and construction workflows, and his architectural and technical background make him adept at implementing custom software solutions and supporting complex computational design efforts. His favorite thing about architecture is how success can be measured both subjectively and objectively. Good design can be very subjective, but connecting design ideas with: energy performance, budget, timeline, site, materiality, accessibility, ease of constructability, building lifecycle, and so on are all ways we can objectively measure success as designers. He considers himself fortunate to be able to help designers and architects use software to find their own definitions of success. Andrew studied architecture at Leigh University and Cornell University, earning a Master of Architecture with a focus on Digital Modeling + Simulation.

Chloe Skaar has joined the SRG team as a Marketing Coordinator. Her career started in journalism, which provided a unique setting to hone her research, writing, editing, and design skills under strict deadlines. Later, she crafted technical and marketing communication for healthcare and government clients nationwide. The common thread throughout her career path is storytelling, and she’s passionate about writing and editing content to tell stories that build connections. Chloe earned her bachelor’s degree in Communication with a minor in Journalism from Missouri State University.

For nearly twenty years, Jennifer Gentry has refined an approach to Business Development and Marketing leadership that’s characterized by her fervent spirit and commitment to developing relational, process-driven strategies. Through her emphasis on “listening to learn,” she partners with marketing, leadership, and technical teams to advance initiatives that reflect the firm’s goals and strengths. In addition, Jennifer continues to organize, manage, and execute high-quality project proposals, award submittals, and marketing deliverables – all while maintaining grace under pressure.

Michael Stockton has joined the SRG team as a Payroll and Accounting Specialist. He brings fifteen years’ experience in full cycle accounting, payroll, human resources, bookkeeping, and business operations. Throughout his career, he has proven himself adept at navigating complexity, quick to learn new things, and able to solve any problem that comes his way. He earned his bachelor’s in economics from Oregon State University.


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