Holistic Designs for Mental Health and Well‑being

Bridging the Gaps in our Mental Health System

July 12, 2023

Prioritizing Mind‑Body Health for All

Our collaborative and inclusive design process brings together outside-the box thinkers who lead with ideas. We recognize the importance of mental health in our communities and are committed to serving patients and practitioners with effective clinical models along a broad continuum of care. By challenging ourselves and our clients to identify and fill the gaps in our mental health system and embrace many perspectives, we can contribute to the overall health of our communities.

We tend to focus on sick care rather than preventative medicine, just like in physical health. The worst‑case scenario in mental health that’s getting a lot of attention right now is treating people downstream after a crisis. But there is an equal amount, if not more, that we need upstream in the mental health system.  Carl Hampson, Principal and Architect