Developing a Student‑Centered Community

Facilities Master Plan

Western Oregon University

Responsive to the rapidly changing factors in higher education—from evolving pedagogies and learning styles to funding challenges to an increasingly diverse student population—the Facilities Master Plan envisions a student-centered campus ready to tackle the challenges facing higher education campuses. In concert with Western Oregon University and its leadership, SRG developed a plan reflective of these challenges and in support of WOU’s vision for the future.


157 acres


Monmouth, OR

Year Complete


  • Space Utilization Planning

    Biddison Hier

  • Landscape Architect

    Walker Macy

  • MEP Engineer

    PAE Engineers

  • Transportation Consultant

    Kittelson & Associates, Inc.

  • Civil Engineer

    BHE Group (Now Mazzetti)

Integrating Sustainability and Learning

The proposed walking path links a series of strategies—at building, site and regional scales—into a holistic story.

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Transportation and Parking Strategy

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Landscape Zones

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Informed by Strategy

In parallel with an assessment of the existing facilities including their utilization rate, physical condition, and ability to accommodate modern teaching and learning methods, SRG analyzed Western Oregon University’s Strategic Plan, which identified the following priorities: cultivating student success; supporting student initiatives to foster academic excellence; improving connections between university programs and the surrounding Monmouth community; strengthening the University’s visibility throughout Oregon; and embedding sustainability in their fundamental values and operations. In doing so, the subsequent Facilities Plan prioritized work that would foster a student-centered campus—like the modernization of a Student Success Center.


Focused on the Future

The planning team developed an informed circulation plan and open space strategy supportive of WOU’s vision. The plan proposes a strong central corridor connecting active areas of campus while providing clear and natural circulation patterns for students, staff, and visitors. Vibrant plazas—bundled in the plan with adjacent building projects to stretch funding dollars farther—at major junctions provide opportunities for students to connect and for classes to be held outdoors.

To strengthen WOU’s identity and support the success of their students, the plan creates a front door for the athletics programs while linking the core campus to the arts precinct and the athletics programs. It also modernizes WOU’s housing stock to attract prospective students and student-athletes.

The resulting plan creates a framework for modernizing the Western Oregon University campus as it navigates the change happening in higher education. By accommodating targeted goals envisioned by WOU, the Facilities Master Plan will equip the University to create a student-centered community—efficiently and cost effectively.