Designed for the Special Needs of Infants Born Prematurely

Sunnyside NICU Remodel

Kaiser Permanente

The new neo-natal intensive care and antepartum observation units at Kaiser Permanente’s Sunnyside Medical Center create a patient-centered environment for high-risk newborns and mothers as part of an integrated system of personalized care.


18,600 sf


Clackamas, OR

Year Complete


Adjacent to the existing labor-delivery-recovery/C-section unit, the neo-natal intensive care unit is meticulously designed for the specials needs of infants born prematurely or with illness. The program includes fourteen private NICU patient rooms, one semi-private patient room for twins, and four resuscitation bed stations. Each room is designed for family members to stay overnight as long as necessary, and encourages the sense of community that is crucial to successful outcomes for everyone.

The antepartum observation unit is a four-bed private patient room unit supporting the long-term perinatal observation and treatment of mothers with high-risk pregnancies. For maximum flexibility, it is located next to the NICU and LDR suite where SRG’s innovative “swing” design allows the unit to accommodate ante-partum or NICU patients.