SRG Partnership Joins CannonDesign

February 1, 2024

We are thrilled to announce SRG Partnership has merged with CannonDesign—one of the most innovative design firms in the world. This merger represents not only a fusion of businesses but a powerhouse union of two firms committed to making a profound difference through design.

Both SRG Partnership and CannonDesign share a commitment to designing spaces that help people, communities and the environment flourish. Together, our firms will amplify our impact throughout the Pacific Northwest and across the country, setting new standards for transformative design for health and wellness, education, science and technology, sports and recreation, and culture.

“SRG has been making an impact consistently, but we recognize we can achieve even greater growth and impact alongside CannonDesign,” noted Lisa Petterson, SRG President. “The alignment in our cultures, commitment to diversity and emphasis on sustainability is striking. CannonDesign’s Living-Centered Design ethos also beautifully aligns with our purpose to leave a lasting impact on communities. I’m genuinely excited about the new opportunities this merger brings to our people, clients and the communities we design for.”

CannonDesign is a design solutions firm at the nexus of architecture, strategy, experience, interior design, engineering and social impact. The firm is consistently recognized by Fast Company as one of the most innovative companies in the world, designing buildings, experiences and strategies for esteemed organizations such as Mayo Clinic, Memorial Sloan Kettering, LinkedIn, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Kaiser Permanente, Under Armour, CalTech and more.

Caltech, Resnick Sustainability Center

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Under Armour, The Stadium at the House

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Kaiser Permanente, Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine

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Museum of Tolerance, Social Lab

04 / 05

Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, Building 201

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“SRG Partnership defines itself with a statement—Invent a better future—that truly resonates with me,” says CannonDesign’s CEO Bradley Lukanic, AIA. “Partnering with this established, 50-year-old design firm is a wonderful start to the year. The alignment and focus between our firms will drive us forward; together we’re going to create positive impacts with design excellence in and outside of our communities.”

With this merger, we gain incredible new resources and expertise, not only enhancing our collective capabilities but also allowing us to address a broader spectrum of client needs. Importantly, our dedication to design excellence remains at the core of our identity, strengthened by a wonderful community of talent at CannonDesign.

“There’s a clear synergy in our firms’ shared commitment to design excellence,” added David Polzin, CannonDesign’s Executive Director of Design. “SRG’s portfolio is outstanding, both regionally sensitive and transcendent of place. Their teams’ dedication to being environmentally responsible, resilient and equitable is evident in their work. I’m looking forward to designing a brighter future together.”

Going forward, SRG Partnership will be known as SRG + CannonDesign.


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