Supporting our Community in Times of Crisis

April 2, 2024

A Healing Environment

The Skagit County Crisis Stabilization Center will be a therapeutic environment for individuals seeking substance withdrawal stabilization and behavioral health counseling. The center is designed with careful attention given to the whole patient experience including calming, biophilic activity and therapy spaces and daily access to outdoor healing gardens.

Recognizing the great need for the wellbeing of health care providers in the behavioral health sector, the center will also focus on creating a peaceful and supportive environment for staff. Flexible workspaces, access to natural light and respite areas with staff-focused outdoor space will enhance opportunities for teamwork and help attract and retain experienced staff by fostering a sense of commitment and community.

Community Impact

The Crisis Stabilization Center will expand the services and the capabilities of the County to help people experiencing a mental health crisis by providing 16 crisis stabilization beds and 32 co-occurring treatment and acute detox beds.

Working closely with law enforcement and Skagit County, the facility will effectively and seamlessly integrate into the existing community by fostering partner relationships with a design that reflects the character of the Skagit Valley. SRG + CannonDesign is working to reduce stigma around mental health treatment and deliver positive outcomes for clients, caregivers and stakeholders to support the community’s shared interest in overcoming mental health crises.


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