Renewing Oregon's Mental Health System

Junction City Psychiatric Hospital

Oregon State Hospital

SRG teamed with HOK to design the second phase of Oregon State Psychiatric Hospital in Junction City, Oregon. OSH’s mission is to provide therapeutic, evidence-based, patient-centered treatment focusing on recovery and community reintegration, all in a safe environment. The completed state hospital contains areas for patient housing, staff offices, counseling and treatment rooms, along with indoor and outdoor recreation areas.


222,757 sf


Junction City, OR

Year Complete


2016 Merit Award, Heal Category — IIDA Northern California Honor Awards

2015 Award — Excellence in Concrete Award

Design Response to the Site

The site is located in the farmland valley shadows of the Coastal Range Mountains. The project forms and landscape were inspired by and designed for the majestic setting, including the use of a geothermal heat exchange system. The building footprint brings patient housing close to treatment and recreation areas. Supporting the local economy, precast concrete was used to take advantage of a fabricator only five miles away.

Interior Design Concept

Interior design of the project is based on the “journey of recovery” and the healing power of nature. Light filled spaces and visual connections to the surrounding landscape take advantage of the site’s natural setting. Soft colors in the residents’ private areas provide a calm environment, while invigorating, empowering colors are used in treatment and public spaces. The color pallet helps define the building program while providing clear way-finding for residents.

Public Art

Designed by a regional artist, a 30-foot by 10-foot glass etched window wall in the main entry is a poignant reminder and dedication to the hospital’s mission and the journey of the patients. Titled “Wall of Words,” the glass features large-scale inscriptions of patients’ poems, statements and memories. The intent is to provide inspiration, calm, encouragement, optimism and affirmation to help visitors overcome what often can be a difficult experience.